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Our Ultralight UHMWPE Sleep Straps make hanging your hammock easy and quick. Sold as a pair, in a lightweight carry bag, these straps can be attached to pretty much anything by just wrapping each strap around the object then feeding it back through the loop on the end of the strap. They are 2.75 meters long and have 5 loops on one end and 1 loop on the other end, giving you the option to hang from trees of all different shapes and sizes. This suspension system is also completely knot-free and much friendlier on trees than regular rope.

Constructed from one of the world's strongest fibers (UHMWPE), these straps are ultralight, incredibly strong and more abrasion, friction and impact resistant than ordinary nylon and polyester webbing. At 75 grams per pair and with a 250 kilogram breaking strength, our Ultralight UHMWPE Sleep Straps are far lighter and stronger than our original Polyester Sleep Straps.

These Ultralight UHMWPE Sleep Straps are a light, strong and simple hammock suspension option for adventurers wanting to Go Lighter and Go Further.



  • ROBUST & DURABLE: These Ultralight UHMWPE Sleep Straps uphold our commitment to only producing equipment of the highest possible quality. By using one of the world's strongest fibers, UHMWPEwe have been able to produce straps that have an incredibly high level of strength and durability at a very low carrying weight. To maximise their durability, we have used an ultra-tight weave and solution dyed yarn. This construction process increases longevity by bolstering resistance to corrosion, abrasion, friction, impact, extreme temperature and UV exposure.
  • ULTRALIGHT STRENGTH: UHMWPE is recognised for its incredible strength-to-weight-ratio. At three times stronger than polyester of equal weight, we have been able to use UHMWPE to develop a truly ultralight product without compromising strength. At only 75 grams per pair, these are the lightest webbing straps of their kind available. 
  • MULTI-USE: Despite being used most commonly as hammock suspension systems, these ultralight straps take up very little space in your pack and have a multitude of outdoor uses. Due to the many unique benefits of UHMWPE such as its ability to float, its low water absorption and its high resistance to friction, abrasion and UV exposure and extreme temperate, the use cases for this product are endless.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY:  Each set of straps has been individually inspected by our team in Australia allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Our Ultralight UHMWPE Sleep Straps have been constructed with an overarching focus on quality and longevity. They have been developed by hikers for hikers and tested by our team of experts in Australia in Australian conditions. We are so confident of their capabilities that we offer no questions asked, 5 year guarantee on their build quality and performance. 


  • Constructed from UHMWPE
  • 1 x 14.5cm loop at one end and 5 x 9.5cm loops at the other end 
  • 250kg Breaking Strength  
  • 75g (pair)
  • 275cm x 2.5cm

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