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Titanium Grill

Weighing in at 118 grams and crafted from 100% Titanium, we believe that this is the most robust ultralight cooking grill on the market. Developed and tested by our team in Australia, this grill has been specifically designed to suit the needs of lightweight camping and bushcraft expeditions. Big enough to cook two steaks but small enough to fit in your pack, this is the perfect cooking unit for those looking to save on weight without compromising utility. No detail has been missed with each unit hand-welded from edge to edge. 


  • LIGHTWEIGHT STRENGTH: Titanium is known for its incredible strength-to-weight-ratio. At 45% lighter than stainless steel, we have been able to use Titanium to develop a truly Ultralight product without compromising strength. At 118 grams, this is the lightest grill of its kind available. 

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Each grill has been individually inspected by our team in Australia allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality.

  • HAND WELDED: Unlike many other designs, our grills have been welded by hand from edge to edge to ensure that our custom 3D mesh design maintains its full strength and integrity.  

  • RUST-FREE: Unlike other metals such as stainless steel, Titanium is extremely corrosion resistant offering long term durability.

  • NON-TOXIC: Titanium is a non-toxic metal and presents no threat to the human body.  

  • DESIGNED FOR CAMPFIRE COOKING: Titanium is tolerant of temperatures up to 1,600 degrees Celsius. 

  • GREASE-PROOF CARRY BAG: Each grill includes a customised carry bag, lined with grease-proof material to protect items in your pack.

  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our grill design has been constructed with an overarching focus on quality and longevity. It has been developed by hikers for hikers and tested by our team of experts in Australia in Australian conditions. We are so confident of it's capabilities that we offer a lifetime guarantee on its build quality and performance. 


  • 100% Titanium

  • 118g

  • 25cm x 16cm

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