• HEAVY DUTY: Constructed from precipitation-hardened Aluminium alloy and able to withstand a force of up to 1223 kilograms. 
  • ULTRALIGHT: Despite their high strength rating, these carabiners are ultralight, weighing in at only 18 grams each. 
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: These carabiners are continually tested by our team in Australia and are individually inspected prior to dispatch to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained. 
  • RUST-PROOF: Aluminium alloy is completely resistant to rust. 
  • DESIGNED FOR HAMMOCKS: Whilst these ultralight carabiners are suited to various outdoor applications, their quick-release wire-gate design right through to their compact shape and 12kN weight rating makes them the perfect carabiner for hammock camping. Although not suitable for rock-climbing, they provide more than enough capacity to safely suspend a hammock. Higher capacity carabiners create redundancy and an unnecessary weight burden.  
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our products are created with a primary focus on quality and longevity. Our team has tested and continues to tested these carabiners in Australia in Australian conditions. We are so confident of their capabilities that we offer a lifetime guarantee on build quality and performance. 


  • 12kN capacity (1223kg of force)
  • 18g
  • 8cm x 4.6cm