• ROBUST & DURABLE: This product upholds our commitment to only produce equipment that is of the highest possible quality. By using Dyneema®, we have been able to produce an incredibly high level of strength and durability at a very low weight. To bolster the robustness of this cord, we have also added an abrasion and UV resistant polyester sheath. 

  • ULTRALIGHT: The high strength to weight ratio of Dyneema® has allowed us to construct a cord that weighs in at only 1.5 grams per meter. This is truly ultralight given its relative durability and high breaking strength. 

  • NON-SLIP: By wrapping the Dyneema® core with an abrasion and UV resistant polyester jacket, we have been able to eliminate the risk of slippage. The high level of grip means that both wrapping and knots will hold steady in any configuration.

  • NON-STRETCH: Dyneema® is static meaning that it will not stretch or tear when placed under stress. Therefore, when used in high winds, the cord will not stretch or tear which ultimately prevents flapping and possible structural damage to tarps and tents.  

  • HIGH VISIBILITY: The polyester sheath of our 2mm Dyneema® Hardcord has been laced with highly reflective tracers to allow for easy nighttime visibility. 

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: This 2mm Dyneema® Hardcord continues to be tested by our team in Australia and each meter is individually inspected prior to dispatch allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality.

  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Our 2mm Dyneema® Hardcord has been constructed with an overarching focus on quality and longevity. It has been developed by hikers for hikers and tested by our team of experts in Australia in Australian conditions. We are so confident of its capabilities that we offer no questions asked, 5 year guarantee on its build quality and performance. 


  • 2mm Dyneema® cord with polyester sheath 
  • 180kg breaking strength
  • 1.5g/meter