• ROBUST PROTECTION: Constructed from a tight weave noseeum micro-mesh to provide robust bug and insect protection.
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN: Designed to adapt the width of your hammock and allow space for movement, our bug net is flexible and spacious for all users. Height can also be easily adjusted by moving the ridge-line up or down to provide ample head room. 
  • SAFE AND EASY ACCESS: Horizontal zip entry designed for safe and easy access.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Each bug net has been individually inspected by our team in Australia allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality.
  • ULTRALIGHT: Even with its spacious interior and robust insect protection, the tailored hammock-specific shape and high-quality material selection has allowed us to create a bug net design that weighs in at only 349 grams. 
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HAMMOCKS: No matter what brand your hammock is, our bug net has been designed to be compatible across all shapes and sizes. 
  • EASY TO SET UP: The simple cocoon shape makes the Alton Goods Bug Net quick and easy to set up and take down. 


  • Noseeum Micro-mesh
  • 349g
  • 290cm x 130cm x 130cm